It is our goal to ensure that every child develops the necessary skills they need to be fully prepared for kindergarten. Our classroom set-up is designed to inspire each child to determine their role in a nurturing environment. As in all our levels, we provide children with a learning environment that acknowledges their individuality and personal curiosities, and we create a curriculum for each of them to thrive in. The Reggio Emilia approach to learning offers a more-efficient learning process, as children are more motivated by topics that are of interest to them. The curriculum is developed through small group projects, which children direct. Our teachers continue to act as guides and facilitators, accompanying the children along the learning process. Children can effectively learn about social cooperation through group projects, especially to resolve conflict, solve problems, and display basic manners. Areas of study include science, technology, math, art, language/literacy, handwriting/journaling, music, and drama. Our program is designed for the children to be enthusiastic about learning and to have the desire to be independent, all the while developing the necessary skills for their continuing education.