Community Care Preschool’s Directors and Teachers, don’t see the work we do as a job. To us, teaching and education are a vocation, and we are each driven by a passion to provide the very best for children by focusing on their care and education through personal engagement and with tremendous enthusiasm.

We value collaboration, we love spontaneity, and we are passionate about giving each child the best start to their education. To develop a child’s interest in the world around them, we encourage them to be curious and to become researchers. It is our responsibility to effectively guide them as they investigate. Allowing children ample time to complete tasks and giving them an opportunity to express themselves helps to develop their potential, stimulates their curiosity, and boosts their feelings of self-worth and confidence in the classroom and beyond.

Each Community Care Preschool teacher’s focus is to:
– Build on the strengths, competencies, and curiosities of each child
– Respect and treat each child as an active citizen with rights
– Encourage, support, and develop collaborative learning
– Observe each child’s interests and implement appropriate ideas for projects